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About us

Princess Eyelashes is prepared to bring all of your lash dreams to fruition. Bold, beautiful eyelashes are the new must-have in the World. Princess Eyelashes is prepared to help you rock a fierce look with the lashes you desire.
Our range of hand made original lashes , faux mink lashes and lash extensions are perfect for any day of the week or any special occasion. We have a range of styles that allow you to create a full dramatic look or a natural everyday look. Get ready to look even more amazing then you already do.




Contact: Lucky

Phone: 8613864839100

Tel: 8613864839100

Email: lucky.minkeyelash@gmail.com

Add: No. 613, Meijing Building,Hancheng Road, Bonded Zone, Huangdao District, Qingdao, Shandong Province,China

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